Terms and Conditions

a) omooloja.com is essentially an Electronic and Interior decor online store, owned by Edunet Integrated Services It provides a variety of products to the general public via the internet As at date, it’s website is www.omooloja.com.ng.
b) omooloja.com is predominantly a merchant, not a manufacturer. All products sold on omooloja.com shall be under the manufacturer’s warranty and Terms & Condition. Omoolaja.com shall provide all necessary information to customers as to access these conditions, albeit, not liable to prosecution on warranty on all goods delivered in good condition.
c) omooloja.com may partner with other merchants in future, to provide customers wider range of products. omooloja.com will have the right to accept purchases on behalf of the merchants, the state the terms of their warranty and omooloja.com shall only be liable to providing information of such. At such instance, the role of omooloja.com shall be restricted to referring customers to these merchants, receiving orders and payments on merchants’ behalf.
(a) Omooloja.com shall present for sale only products with efficient warranty policies, not only to ensure customers satisfaction, but to equally uphold a reputation for quality and professionalism in service,
b)Partnering merchants must equally ensure the above or omooloja.com shall terminate the relationship without being liable to persecution once the merchant repeatedly receives bad reviews or complaints, or fails to comply with our recommendations.
c) omooloja.com shall not only list products on the website, but equally give detailed descriptions and features of all listed products. Customers are obliged to ensure the product meets their specification before making orders.
Customer Electronic payment
(a) Once customer chooses to make payment via electronic devices (i.e debit/credit card, online Transfer etc), Once the process fails or pending, omooloja.com will not deliver ordered goods until we receive payment of such. Customer must revert to their to their financial institution to resolve such, as omooloja.com cannot be liable.
omooloja.com shall maintain privacy policy with all customers’ information. We shall not disseminate any customer’s information to a third party nor allow partnering merchants disturb customers privacy with any unwanted messages or advertisement.
Whereas, In the instance that a clause in this agreement is not valid, it will be simply replaced by a valid one; nearest in context to resolve the issue, while other parts of the agreement remains unchanged.
(b) Omooloja.com maintains the right to modify these terms and conditions. Manufacturer’s terms and conditions are not part of this agreement. Customers are obliged to access such at manufacturer’s websites.